Converse Spark

Converse Spark was a global initiative to showcase creative youth under the age of 25 who, “…with an astonishingly unique style and approach”, are driven to create. Creativity is their being. The are not hipsters, party dudes or super trendy fashionistas. They are artists on the fringe doing more with their youth, than many people do in a life time. ”These artists are the kids with the NEXT ideas.”

I worked directly with the Converse client on these films, no advertising agency was involved which made the project very labor intensive from the logistics perspective, but what it did do, was bring a non scripted documentary feel to the campaign. I scripted and directed both films, with DOP Kamil Plotcki and production company Pro Production.


Warsaw, Poland

“Oliwia stops time”


Prague, Czech Republic

“Nikkarin illustrates his future.”

YouTube Preview Image